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The electrical QA/QC course from Tech Otlet will make you an able expert in the QA/QC Electrical & Instrumentation inspection for Oil & Gas Sector/Power Sector/Petro-chemicals/Power Plants & Substations/Overhead lines/Well pads/Degassing stations/CPF/Power plants and any other Electrical & Instrumentation Installation.

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Target Audience

This course is aimed for students who are interested in establishing a career in Electrical & Instrumentation Inspection field.


Previous knowledge of Electrical & Instrumentation engineering basics is preferred in order to get the most out of the course. Familiarity with concepts such as Analytical and research skills, Communication skills , Engineering simple terms is essential.

Course Duration

The course consists of approximately 2.5 hours of lectures each day , Six days per week for ( 16 hrs) in total according to the following structure ( 16 hrs) in total

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Our content

QA / QC Introduction, Comparison and Succeed Requirement

➢ E & I Projects Sequence and Consideration

➢ Create and filling RFIs, MOS, ITRs

➢ QA/QC Engineer Activates before, during and after the project Completion

➢ E & I Materials receiving and inspections

➢ Power and control cables

➢ Cables Laying, types, and methods

➢ Cables Glanding and Termination

➢ Earthing system

➢ Instrumentation system

➢ Cables, wires identification

➢ Punch List

➢ NCR and CAR

➢ E & I Tests

➢ Written of ITP

➢ Practical Inspections

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